Key Takeaways:

2:25 – So many podcast/radio networks want their shows to only appear under their network and no where else. 

6:20 – Being part of a network automatically makes listeners trust you.

7:15 – There has to be a clear theme to the network or else listeners won't benefit from it. 

8:11 – Daniel J. Lewis shares his thoughts on the benefits of a network.  

12:05 – Being part of a network may also get you more sponsors. 

14:45 – Each podcast that has been on the Network were invited to it first. 

16:40 – What are some of the cons of being part of a network? 

21:35 – What are some of the reasons why you should start a network? 

24:35 – You really need to have a level of trust with everyone on your network as well as written agreements. 


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