Key Takeaways:


4:11 – There's only a small amount of podcasters actually making money from sponsorships. 

6:05 – Should I start my podcast as a business? The answer is no. 

6:50 – People know when you're speaking the truth even though they can't see your face. 

8:40 – Advertisers are starting to come to podcasters. 

12:55 – Not all podcasters want advertisers on their show. 

17:15 – Companies are still hesitant in investing in a podcast. 

18:50 – Podcasters are afraid to alienate their listeners with advertising. 

23:10 – Many podcasters didn't even have a plan to monetize their podcast when they first started. 

29:00 – Host should have as much fun with ad reads as they can.

30:50 – Podcasters have actively turned down advertisers because they don't want to sell their soul.  

36:10 – Although podcasters may not be a big fan of advertisers, they are more than happy to use affiliate links and promote brands they use to their listeners. 

42:30 – It's still quite hard to deliver accurate metrics to the advertiser. 

46:35 – Where is the podcaster/advertiser relationship going? 

52:20 – What do I need to do to get a good advertiser? 

56:30 – If I'm a small podcaster, is there any hope for me? 

58:26 – Corey generated some revenue by signing up to affiliate links of products he already uses.

60:35 – Be clear with your listeners that you're sending them to an affiliate link.  


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