The Podcast Producers Mastermind

July 5th, 2016

1-6pm at The Chicago Hyatt Regency Hotel



Still struggling getting your podcast off the ground?

Join us for an afternoon of pure business building content and strategies you can use and implement immediately in your podcast!


Agenda for the most powerful 5 hours of your trip to Chicago!


❏      Introduction: Who are Corey and Jess and attendee intros

❏      Behind the Scenes! Corey and Jess will reveal how they created Season 1 of The Podcast Producers, the ten episode audio series selected by Apple as a Hot to Podcast show in iTunes.

❏      The killer strategies of how Jess and Corey were able to book 28 amazing guests pre-launch!

❏      You’ll get their two month production schedule and successful launch strategy

❏      How the show was recorded and edited together

❏      Why Corey and Jess approach each season of The Podcast Producers as its own unique show

❏      Hot Seats! Jess, Corey and fellow podcasters will provide laser focused advice to some of the attendees on how to take their podcast to the next level.

❏      Round table interview recording for a future episode of The Podcast Producers