Key Takeaways:

1:50 – You develop a deeper sense of loyalty to a podcast host. 

3:50 – What happens when you meet a host in person?

7:52 – Is technology helping us disconnect? 

10:10 – What does the internet mean to us as a society? 

14:10 – Sometimes we just want to sit back and have decisions made for us. 

15:50 – People listen less to podcasts in December. 

19:50 – Being open to listeners puts you at risk, but many people wonder how hosts do it. 

21:45 – Just as much as a host becomes part of a listener's life, listeners become part of the host's life too. 

25:40 – We don't always want to make a decision. We want to shut off and tune out sometimes. 

26:50 – Are we really connecting with people or are we further isolating ourselves? 

32:30 – Corey decided with a couple of friends that they'd completely disconnect from the internet every Sunday. 

35:25 – Podcasting can bring a couple closer together. 

38:05 – Moms have an outlet to talk to a 'real adult' when podcasting. 

38:50 – Will everyone in the future have a podcast? Jason Hartman thinks so. 

40:45 – Podcasts may turn into a social media format like the way blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become. 


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