Key Takeaways:

1:45 – Stats matter for advertisers. 

4:20 – Engaging directly with your listeners will be what raises your stats more effectively. 

7:40 – Don't launch without a strategy. It is true that content is no longer king? 

9:45 – Stay relevant by creating amazing stuff or niche down and create specific content for only your listeners.

11:45 – It doesn't take many downloads to get you to the top of iTunes. 

12:40 – Twitter bombing will make you lose your core audience. 

13:50 – Stats do matter and they don't - it depends on your goals. 

16:45 – Edison Research puts up stats of how many people are listening to podcasts on a monthly basis. 

19:35 – Back in the day, radio stations could target people within 90 miles only. Podcasting has changed that. 

20:20 – A download doesn't necessarily mean it's a listener.

24:35 – Smart phones have made it easier to listen to podcasts on the go. 

27:00 – People say our attention spans are getting shorter, but that's not true. 

30:15 – Constant promotion does increase listener downloads. 

31:40 – It's not cool to lie to people about your stats. 

36:20 – The trend of podcasting as an easy why to make money online will die out. 

37:20 – Libsyn received 2.6 billion downloads in 2014 alone. 

38:30 – The fastest way to promote your show is still through world of mouth. 

44:10 – Podcasters no longer have to explain to people what a podcast is. 

47:10 – Jessica Rhodes shares her podcast stats. 

48:40 – It doesn't matter how many people are listening, it's who's listening and why. 

49:20 – Podcasting is about people, not stats. 

51:12 – Shouldn't there be more women in the podcasting space? 

53:45 – Should we change the 'podcast' name? 

58:25 – Stats do not tell the whole story. There are other things you can look at that tell whether a podcast is worthwhile. 

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