Key Takeaways:

2:05 – Are podcasters narcissistic? 

4:00 – Quit being fake. Be who you are, be real, and that will connect with people. 

6:00 – Tim Paige still struggles with finding his own voice and what his audience wants. 

7:10 – Sometimes copying your idols will give you a jump start on developing your own voice. 

9:30 – What are some of the constraints podcasters are facing? 

11:30 – You want to keep your podcast raw and natural, but you should also have a framework around it.  

13:40 – Have a plan with your podcast and keep going. 

16:45 – Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help. 

18:45 – Do podcasters fear that they'll become narcissistic? 

23:50 – Podcasters want to add a new voice or opinion into the community that no one else seems to be covering. 

24:40 – How humble are podcasters? 

29:05 – Podcasters can be very open and transparent about how they think and it might rub people the wrong way. 

33:45 – Podcasts give people an outlet to connect with others while they're working at home. 

39:45 – Bringing vulnerability to a podcast also let's listeners be vulnerable too. 

43:45 – Imposter syndrome can creep up on podcasters. 

45:40 – I hate my voice! 

52:05 -  You'll know pretty quickly if your content is worth while based on listener feedback. 

56:20 – Having a podcast doesn't make you an expert. 

61:00 – How do the real experts get started? 

63:20 – Are podcasts trying to manipulate us? This isn't anything new. 

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