Key Takeaways:

1:05 – The podcast community is starting to develop cliques. 

5:40 – The podcast community is incredibly supportive. 

7:50 – There's so many different ways to do the same thing. It all depends on what feels good for you. 

12:20 – Hosts are very welcoming to newcomers. 

20:45 – Podcast hosts are so transparent that listeners have a deep and personal connection with the host without ever meeting them. 

22:30 – More people are connecting with podcast hosts via email or Twitter more than on other platforms. 

25:45 – Some podcasters are afraid to tell their real friends that they podcast.

29:30 – What's unique about podcasting are the relationships that can be developed between the host and listener. 

31:10 – Are podcasters only talking to other podcasters? 

36:00 – It's valuable to appear on different people's podcasts, because the audience might not know who you are. 

38:30 – Getting an a-list host to interview you in order to get sponsors on your show isn't the right approach to it anymore. 

41:45 – Don't make your guests jump through hoops. 

44:30 – Will having a-list guests on a podcast make it more popular? 

53:00 – As high-quality experts enter the podcasting space, so do the snake oil salesmen who have ulterior motives. 

57:00 – Everybody in this community is so nice! 

57:50 – Podcast Movement's Facebook group is incredibly helpful.

67:00 – Attending podcast-specific events have been a great way for podcasters to meet other people in the industry. 

71:25 – We need to focus on our content and on the people listening. That's what really matter

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