Key Takeaways:

1:10 – Hobby podcasters podcast because they love the medium. 

2:40 – Learn how one hobby podcast turned into a business podcast. 

5:30 – How do you measure success? 

8:40 – Be serious about your podcast quality. 

12:50 – How did Daniel J. Lewis from get started? 

17:20 – How are people using podcasting to make money? 

23:25 – There's just something about the human voice that makes podcasts so lovable. 

27:00 – What's the difference between podcasting for yourself versus for a brand? 

33:20 – You can get fantastic people on your podcast that wouldn't otherwise give you the time of day through other mediums. 

36:30 – Podcasts help shorten the sales process on potential customers. 

38:50 – You have to treat a podcast as an expense/investment first. 

41:50 – For most people, the podcast medium is not good as a primary business. 

45:15 – Podcasts can be a really great business model. It's flexible to your schedule and it's online. 

50:10 – Podcasts help build communities of people who identify with your brand. 

52:50 – Be clear about what your podcast is and what it is not. 

56:05 – So many podcasters can get caught up in the 'guru' title. 

62:25 – Podcasting as a business may be the wrong way to look at it. 

63:40 – There's a good chance big companies will adapt to the podcast medium. 

72:50 – What kind of audience do you want to cater to? 

74:30 – You have to take your podcast seriously. 

76:35 – How do you stay on top of your game and avoid getting bored? 

80:40 – Is there such a thing as a professional podcaster? 

87:50 – The more you're able to address the individual, the more intimate your podcast is going to feel. 

89:40 – What do you have to do to actually make money in podcasting? 

99:20 – There's still a lack of a great podcast app where you can listen to all of your favorite shows the way you want. 

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