Key Takeaways:

2:15 – Podcasts are on-demand and Radio is not. 

5:10 – All the top talk show hosts are above 50-60 years old and they're overpaid. 

10:10 – Radio broadcasters used to be seen as rock stars. 

11:00 – Can both podcast and radio formats exist in the future? 

12:40 – Are the words podcast and radio one and the same? 

15:15 – People are going to get more creative in the future with how they use podcasts and radio.

18:45 – Big companies are taking notice of the podcast medium. 

20:30 – Matt DuBiel is broadcasting podcasts on his radio stations. 

23:15 – Radio stations tend to have a poor business model. 

27:05 – Podcasts are more convenient to listen to than radio. 

32:30 – In radio you hear a lot more negative feedback than you do in podcasts. 

38:35 – Radio broadcasters need to embrace new media and podcasts. 

39:15 – Thank you to all our guests for making The Podcast Producers a reality! 

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