Key Takeaways:

2:45 - What's a podcast? 

4:15 – Do podcasters listen to a lot of other podcasts? 

5:30 – Podcasts have changed my life! 

8:20 – You can be ultra, ultra specific with podcasts. 

8:50 – Podcasts bring families closer. 

11:20 – How do podcasters spread word about their podcasts? 

12:00 – When did you start listening to podcasts? 

14:30 – Podcasters don't listen to podcasts within their own genre. 

16:10 – It's great to listen to intelligent people while you do mommy things. 

18:30 – Podcasters start podcasts because they can't find anyone doing it. 

20:00 – You can listen to content from normal people and actually get a reply back on Twitter! 

24:00 – The listener should know what today's show is about within the first 60 seconds. 

25:50 – Don't make your podcasts too short. 

28:30 – The relationship the listener has with a podcaster can be really cool and really creepy at the same time. 

31:50 – There's a lot of people out there making great podcasts. 

32:50 – Are the geeks and purists running away from podcasting? 

34:40 – How is the average person finding podcasts? 

38:15 – The listeners have the power. 

43:30 – Is podcasting going to be a successful medium in the future? 

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